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Move to my left The Stand The Old Matron What a curve on a horse
Reflection Of The Afternoon

Francis Francis Francis

I told youto stop and ask for directions Now who do you think is the boss
Painted Pony Do You Like My Horns


Now What? Kicking It Up happy cows come from New Mexico
Heading to the Barn What do long Horns Contemplate? Call The Horse Grazing the Hill
Climbing The Hill A Walk In The Afternoon Sun Matador Montana Mid Afternoon
Walk The Line Snacking

Look Into My Distance

Breakfast in New Mexico
Juicy Fruit Who Are You?

Natures Treat

Afternoon Snack

Evening Comes

Old Majesty Old Man Time Gossipping Stand and Protect
Dream Team All for One , One for All Reflections of Shadows TWins
Don't Let The Sun Get in Your Eye Dance In The Eye