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Narrowscape Narrowscape Morning Rise on Monument Morning Rise on Monument Evening at Monument Evening at Monument
What A Wonderful Thing We See When We Look Up What A Wonderful Thing We See When We Look Up The Cathedral Cathedral Cool Side of Night Cool Side of Night
I Wonder What It Looks Like Inside I wonder what it looks like inside Old Man Time Old Man Time Ancient Wall Ancient Wall
Evening on the Open Plains On The Open Plains Guarding the Herd from Me Guarding the Herd from Me Morning Glory Morning Glory
Raising the Sun Raising the Sun Raising the Sun Who's First Matador Matador
On the Open Range On the Open Range 600 Miles 600 Miles 600 Miles to Bevo 600 Miles to Bevo
Marblesious Marbleisious Yellow Cow Yellow Cow Climbing Heaven Climbing Heaven
I Know Its Around Here Somewhere I Know it's around here somewhere Looking for a meal on the trail Looking for a Meal on the Trail You want to put who on my back? You want to put Who on my back?
Looking for Breakfast Looking for Breakfast Painted Pony Painted Pony Herding Herding
Call the Horse Call the Horse Up Close and Really Personal Up Close and Personal Feed Me! Feed Me!
Thanks for the snack Thanks for the Snack Lunch in the Shade Lunch in the Shade Stand and Protect Stand and Protect
Four Musketeers 4 Muskateers Dream Team Dream Team Gossipping Gossipping
Setting Sun Setting Sun African Evening Shade African Evening Shade