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Wednesdays 1 pm to 3 pm, 2010
Contemporary Southwest Acrylics

The Beauty of Color Using Acrylic's

The beauty of color using Acrylic's is a fast paced, fun class, for the beginner or advanced artist who wish to explore color using known subjects. This is not a sit down & talk class this is a hands on, go til you drop, 8 week course in the exploration of color, brushes and creativity. We don't do abstracts, we dont do flowers, we don't sit and draw! We transfer down our subjects and get to the darn color of things and have fun doing it. So if you're up for a fun, fast paced, color oriented class, then this is for you so remember Class space is limited to three students so come sign up today.

This is a structured class designed for the artist that wishes to explore color through a contemporary method using subjects that we all know and love, but now are given a whole new look.
(This is not a drawing class)
We transfer all subjects down, so we can get directly into color, drawing is your own disaster. What you will take away from this class is the use of color, values, depth, making your paintings more intense through the use of color and texture of surface. You will learn self critiquing to keep you honest with your work and be able to go further in your pursuit of your art. This class is hands on, go til you drop, 8 week course in the fun and madness of color. Each week we will work on subjects designed to help your painting and direction. For the first 3 weeks we will work on three different colors pallets. The first warm, the second cold and nasty, and the third a combination of the first two. From that point on subjects and being prepared for class is now in your hands. Class 4 through 8 is designed to hone the skills from the first 4 classes using your subjects you enjoy and have always wanted to paint. I believe in the old theory of KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid, that way you retain more information get more out of class and can work confidently on your own. My purpose is to make sure you're headed in a good direction and you can work.

Please leave: cell phones, children, pets, spouses, at home. I want you to get as much as you can out of this fun and exciting class as you can.




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